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A partnership solution for Africa, in Africa

Data is the lifeblood of our modern information-driven society. It is therefore essential that governments have the tools needed to collect, manage, interpret and utilise important information.

With integrated technology based solutions at their disposal, governments have the ability to securely track, link and analyse data sets, easily extracting important information to simplify operations. This has the potential to improve service delivery, streamline revenue collection, simplify compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements, and enhance workforce productivity.

To meet these requirements RLB has developed the Integrated Country Engine (ICE), a scalable, customisable and secure software solution that gives public sector organisations the ability to easily track and manage all that they govern

Revenue Collection

Revenue collection

We offer comprehensive, fully customisable revenue collection systems for Governments and Governmental institutions.

Citizen Compliance

Citizen compliance

Best practice, having regard for local conditions, combined with our world class systems ensures greater citizen compliance resulting in additional revenue for Governments.

Government Control

Government control

Backed up with powerful reporting and auditing modules, our systems enable Governments to gain total control of the collection process and allocation of revenue.

Service delivery

The improved revenue collection driven by our solutions enables Governments to enhance service delivery. With enhanced service delivery comes a greater desire to comply.

State Security

State security

By utilising modern, state-of-the-art security systems which are constantly upgraded, Government data is protected from the ever growing threats of hacking and other malicious cyber-attacks

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